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Why y'all Whoffleayldi or whatev shippers have to pit River Song against Clara Oswald all the damn time? Enjoy your ship and stop trying to invalidate others. If you want receipts I got em. You think the Doctor loved Clara more? That they were lovers? That the Doctor and Clara kissed and made love and thought about each other as their foreverbaby. You all think that he told Clara his name? Or that Clara wasn’t bout to die with that craB over her face for Danny and leave the doctor forevs without hesitatin? you think she wouldn’t betrayed the doctor again for another man/woman/fren? just askin. N You think that she knows even 1% of the doctors secrets? Cuz Narodle knows 10%. These are just questionss. I mean I would like us to reFLEct. Also, you all think he wouldn’t die for River? Like for real? That he didn’t actually try to die for her, even as 10? Y'all think that because he didn’t spend whatever billion years clawing at a rockface for Clara he wouldn’t do it for River if he KNEW he could save her? You think that because Clara and the Doctor being together would literally break time apart is a testament of their bond? HA. The Doctor and River are LITERAlly brOKEN 👏🏼 apart👏🏼 BY 👏🏼 TIME.  being pulled apart by time. every damn moment they’re together they are fighting time itself. AND THEY WIN. they beat it. they find a way to steal days. You think River cares what face he has or what he pretends to be, nah, she knows who he is always. To her, he is a good man. no question. no doubts. what about Clara? You think River wouldn’t freaking love Clara? because she did. And that Clara and River wouldn’t totes be BFFs 5 eva? Because they would. And Jenna even said that Clara and ME were probably stranded in their TARDIS waiting for River to come and save them, lol. so y'all cray. now im mad. like, who are you kidding? y’all act like the old man doesn’t have a freakin jumbo sized picture of his wife on his desk. lets also note that the doctor was about to wiper Clara’s memory, take it all away. bye. He was about to leave her. Y'all remember this? Damn son. He would NEVER even dare to touch River’s memory, he would have died before he erased their life together. But he made the decision to erase Clara from his, he took the gamble. Because he was a total idiot who made a hella ton of mistakes with her.just to add to that, Clara fuelled his bad habits and vice versa. she brought out the best and worst of the doctor. Noice. and River, river has always been a bad girl, and she has always been hella drastic with her life, but when it comes to being with the Doctor, she’s always been his voice of truth. always. Anyway, I’m out.

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